Friday, April 10, 2009

Takahashi Meijin aka Master Higgins Rocking on tha Shooting Watch!

Watch as the master himself displays his skill on the Solo Finga (SF) method.
Back in the day, he used to SF a impressive 16 shots a second.
Now, he averages 13 shots a second.

Back in the day, his 16 shots a second was strong enough to burst a watermelon into pieces!
Mamma Mia!

The ultimate video from back in the day shows how Takahashi Meijin could perform the 16 shot (SF) with his right hand whilst controlling the ship with his left hand and explain the game strategy at the same time in front of a room full of children in awe of his blurry finger.
Damn impressive!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Get ish and buy yourself a Shooting Watch!

The legend of the Shooting continues

The shooting watch counts the number of times you hit the button within 10 seconds.  So as you see, the current record set by "Kamikaze Kabish" is 142, or an average of 14.2 times a second.

Kamikaze Kabish favors the "Dual Finger (DF)" method.

His rival, Kaptain Kazan prefers the "Solo Finga (SF)" method.


Back in the day, Takahashi Meijin (Master Higgins) was able to do a stunning 16 times per second with the Solo Finga (SF) Method.
When he got the record he was thought to have yelled "When I come through my record do my do my thing.. kono shooting watch generate money Chi Ching!"